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Putting Dr G On The Spot

Diabetes the tip of the problem

A diabetic man's problems with his foreskin is an itch he can't scratch away


India’s troubled economy

Five years on and after a deeply divisive election, the republic is facing rising poverty, especially in the rural areas: Are those in Delhi blinded by smog?

All the pieces matter

Uneasy allies in awkward coalitions

When we stick to a formula just because it’s the only formula we know, or because it’s the easiest way to short term victories, we are inevitably leading Malaysia backwards rather than forwards.

My Doctor Knows

Kidney disease is silent

THE modern understanding of kidney disease is remarkably recent. It was only in 1827 that Richard Bright described in Report of Medical Cases a condition combining the presence of swelling or oedema with the presence of protein in the urine (proteinuria) – attributing it to a problem with the kidney.

Siti Lights

Moving forward to a progressive Malaysia

The ordinary Malaysians who gathered at Maju’s maiden forum on Nov 13 showed they are hungry for real change.

Asian Editors Circle

Playing it forward in Hong Kong

Beijing’s integrationist vision and Hong Kong protestors’ demand for a Western-style democracy illustrate a central dichotomy which needs to be addressed.

It's Just Politics

Swing time in the northern state

The belief was that the ruling coalition (especially Umno) would win big in Kedah because of the three-cornered fight between Barisan, Pakatan Harapan and PAS. The perception was that PAS would split the opposition votes, benefitting Barisan.

On The Beat

We all stand together

Even with all the signs pointing to unity being our greatest asset, some quarters continue to sow divisive politics as part of their delusions of grandeur.

All the pieces matter

Will a mixed member electoral system help Malaysia?

In an appalling move by Sarawak immigration, political scientist Dr Wong Chin Huat was not only denied entryinto Sarawak, but was initially denied medical attention when his blood pressure shot up at the airport.


Turbulence ahead for aviation trade

The downgrade of Malaysia’s air safety rating is an embarrassment to the country, and is likely to have far-reaching consequences.


Cuba (try) in Cuba

MY speech at Cuba’s International Policy Research Centre (see last week’s article) seemed reasonably well received by participants,

Along The Watchtower

Plenty at stake in Tanjung Piai

Chinese voters want to show their disappointment with the Pakatan government but they also fear that a Barisan win would worsen the politics of race and religion.